Special event of the 10th Anniversary ATOMEXPO International Forum

Premiere of the ATOMEXPO AWARDS

The ATOMEXPO AWARD is a professional international award for a company’s outstanding merit in the global industry and its significant contribution to the development of the nuclear industry and its use of nuclear power for the benefit of mankind. The awards ceremony will be celebrated on the opening day of the Forum – May 14, 2018.

«Best Launch»

for the most promising projects on the launch
of nuclear programs in "beginner countries"

«Innovation for the Future»

for groundbreaking innovative projects in the construction, maintenance,
and shutdown of nuclear power plants and for projects in atomic engineering.

«Nuclear Technologies for better life»

for the best project in the
non-energy-related use of nuclear energy

«Public Communication»

for the best PR project aimed at
increasing public acceptance of nuclear energy

«Human Capital Development»

for projects aimed at creating talent pools,
improving qualification levels, developing and strengthening corporate culture

A PANEL of judges comprised of prominent world experts will determine the winners. Any companies that participated in the exhibitions organized by the ATOMEXPO International Forum from 2009 to 2018 may participate in the contest.

Contest Rules 

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