Contest Rules and Policy

on Atomexpo Awards contest 
as part of the 10th Anniversary ATOMEXPO 2018 International Forum

This Regulation determines the goals, objectives, and the program of the Atomexpo Awards contest (the “CONTEST”) as part of the ATOMEXPO 2018 International Forum (the “Forum”).

1.    General issues
The Atomexpo Award (hereinafter referred to as the “CONTEST”) is an international professional award recognizing the outstanding merits of leading companies/organizations in nuclear energy industry as well as substantial contributors to development of the industry and its use for the benefit of the humankind.

2.    Operator of the Contest
The operator of the Atomexpo Awards is Atomexpo LLC.
3.    Goals and Objectives of the Contest

4. CONTEST participation conditions
4.1. Companies/organizations that took part in the ATOMEXPO Forum at least once from 2009 to 2018 may take part in the CONTEST.
4.2. The participating company/organization may submit no more than one application for participation in the CONTEST in each of the nominations.
4.3. One project cannot apply to participate in more than one nomination.
4.4. Judges have the right to allow projects and companies that did not take part in Forum to take part in the CONTEST.
4.5. The CONTEST is open to projects that have been implemented from 2009 to 2017.

5.    CONTEST Procedure
5.1. Stages of the CONTEST
Stage one: collecting applications from February 20 to April 13, 2018;
Stage two: evaluation of applications by the Panel, selecting three nominees in each category from April 13 to April 23, 2018;
Stage three: Panel consultations at the Forum venue, determining the winners in each nomination – May 13, 2018. Awarding the winners at the Forum venue – May 14, 2018.
5.2. Procedure for accepting applications for participation in the CONTEST
Applications for participation in the CONTEST are submitted to the forum’s official website: The application must be in English and editable MS WORD format. The application should contain a basic description of the project, indicating the nominee’s company/organization and comply with the nomination criteria for which the project is submitted.
5.3. Selecting winners of the CONTEST
Each member of the Panel reviews the applications submitted in each nominations and evaluates them according to certain criteria, assigning them evaluation points.
Three nominees are selected from each nomination by adding up the points assigned to each project in said nomination by all the members of the Panel.
The final winner is chosen by members of the Panel who vote in each of the nominations during the final meeting on the Forum website.

6.    CONTEST nominations and selection criteria
The CONTEST is held for the following nominations:

‘Best Launch’ nomination

The award is given for the best project related to the launch of the national nuclear program, including the construction of a nuclear power plant in a new country.

Evaluation criteria:

‘Nuclear Technologies for a Better Life’ nomination

The award is given to the best project in the non-energy applications of nuclear technologies: nuclear medicine, radiation treatment technologies for agriculture and industry, safety and security technologies, nondestructive testing, etc.

Evaluation criteria

‘Innovations for the Future’ nomination

The award is presented for the most innovative and breakthrough technology projects in the construction, operation, and decommissioning of nuclear energy facilities and nuclear engineering projects.
Evaluation criteria:

- the impact of the technology on existing practices

(Feasibility and inter-sectoral features of the project are evaluated. The technological effect of the project’s use both inside and outside of the sector is analyzed along with the project’s feasibility in the nuclear sector and its influence, performance level, and competitiveness. For this purpose, the applicant needs to estimate and substantiate the potential of demand for the product/technology in other sectors).

- originality, novelty of the project
(The originality of the product/technology for the market is evaluated. The application form must contain proof-points for the technology/product’s knowhow, the project’s timeline, and authentic features )

- degree of project implementation 

(Evaluation of the project’s actual performance (or description of the implementation phase) and description of the project’s efficiency. The application form must contain the project’s timeline, current results, and a systematic description of the technical and functional parameters for the efficiency of the assessment)

- economic effect 

(Assessment of the project’s viability for the end user. Evaluation of actual demand and potential market size. The application form must contain current results, the product’s effect for the end user, the current and projected data for 2-3 years, and market indicators).

- global market orientation
(Assessment of the global market presence. The application form must contain data on the amount of export revenue of the project/technology in total revenue and the number of exporting countries).

‘Public Communications’ nomination

The award is given for the implementation of the most effective communication projects that aim to expand public communications in nuclear energy and create a positive perception of nuclear technologies among the population in general.

Evaluation criteria:

The application form must contain the project’s timeline and target audience.

‘Human Capital Development’ nomination

The award is given for the best project in human capital management that aims to create a talent pool for nuclear power programs and solve potential working personnel issues in the nuclear industry.

Evaluation criteria

7.    CONTEST Panel
The CONTEST Panel is formed to:

The CONTEST PANEL includes universally recognized experts in various fields of nuclear energy and related industries, which ensures a professional, objective, and independent evaluation of the projects of the nominated companies/organizations that make a special contribution to the development of the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
The CONTEST Panel in each of the nominations includes 5 persons: the chairman and 4 Panel members.

As part of its activities, the CONTEST Panel shall perform the following actions:

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